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Using a functional approach to neurology to advance treatments and outcomes for all ages and injuries.

Experience the Evolution of Therapy. Experience a Better Body.
We're Different.

We are in a constant pursuit to gain a better understanding of the bodies response to its environment and perceptual influences.

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All of our therapists have an advanced understanding of compensations within the neuromusculoskeletal system, within gait patterns and within other functional movements.

Our skilled therapists use this information to create lasting change in your body.⁠ They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get you at the right place.

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“Our knowledge of the body continues to evolve and improve, and so should our approach to therapy.”
— Mathew Hughes, Physiotherapist & Owner


"Mathew is simply the best.
I’ve struggled with chronic pain for years and had gone to many other physiotherapists in the past, however, I saw no improvement with the treatment I was provided and was always met with vague answers.

Mathew was the first to provide me with proper treatment and guidance to help me understand my problems."

- Danica Pavlovic

"I already noticed a huge difference after my first two visits.
Lucia is amazing- she addresses my problems in a very caring and professional manner. The clinic is clean and the staff is friendly."

- Pamela Kirsch

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