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Meet Our Team
All of our therapists have an advanced understanding of the neuromusculoskeletal system. We use customised assessments and treatment interventions aimed at creating long-term relief.

Our team understands that no two bodies are alike, and will work with you to get you at the right place.

Andrea Purdy

Massage Therapy

Andrea Purdy is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Andrea completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Sociology from Trent University. Pursuing her passion, she graduated in 2005 as a Registered Massage Therapist with a Diploma of Massage Therapy from Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic for Massage Therapy. She is also an active member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) and an active member of the Ontario Massage Therapy Association (OMTA).

Andrea has a variety of experiences in massage therapy, most notably, she has worked with The Canadian Women’s National Hockey Team for the past 10 years. Andrea has also spent many years working with individual professional athletes, children and families who lead busy and active lifestyles.

Andrea has experience and knowledge working in Sport and Rehabilitation Therapy, Sports Massage, Cranial Therapy, Facial Stretch Therapy (FST), Cupping Therapy, Myofascial Release, Pre and Post Natal, Infant Massage, Repetitive Strain, Sports Related Injuries, Hydrotherapy and Joint Mobilizations.

Her experience with athletes as well as individuals of all ages and needs makes her a tremendous asset!

David Le


David is a resident-physiotherapist with a background in Kinesiology. He enjoys breaking down movement patterns to identify ways to help people move better and more fluidly. David works together with his patients to help identify what their body requires to achieve long-lasting functional benefits.

With an interest in neuro-functional approaches, David is currently improving his practice through increasing his knowledge about acupuncture and concussion management.

In his spare time, he enjoys making music, candles, sports, and spending time with his two pomskys!

Julie Frias

Massage Therapy

Julie is a registered massage therapist with the College of Massage Therapist of Ontario. With her extensive practice as a personal trainer and a fitness instructor, she’s developed profound and successful strategies for helping clients with movement patterns, strength, fitness, and well-being. If you live in the Mississauga region, chances are you’ve probably taken one of her classes at a popular local fitness club.

She has an Honors Bachelors degree in Physical Health and Education with a concentration in Health Promotion. Using her expertise, Julie loves to involve her clients in the development of treatment plans to ensure it is based around their comfort and needs. She believes in the importance of client education as being an integral part of a client’s treatment success.

Julie’s knowledge and skills include modalities such as: Trigger Point therapy, Myofascial release, Deep Tissue massage, Joint Mobilization, Cupping therapy, Laser and LED light therapy, Pelvic health and Swedish techniques.

Krupa Bhatt


Dr. Krupa Bhatt is a first generation chiropractor with a passion for health & wellness. She earned a degree in Kinesiology from York University, then went on to get her Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario. She is also certified in concussion management through CCMI.

Dr. Bhatt has decided to further her knowledge once again and is currently doing a Master’s in Rehabilitation Science to help her patients excel in their active care. She is also looking to complete a certification in post natal and pediatric chiropractic care

She believes the true resolution of any injury of pain comes through collaboration. Collaboration of the doctor and patient, along with all other healthcare workers involved in a person’s life. She believes in meeting her patients halfway and establishing a 50-50 split in getting them better, after finding the route cause of their pain.

When she’s not helping her patients, Dr. Bhatt can be found going on hikes, reading, and taking care of her new beagle puppy!

Lucia Yoon

Registered Physiotherapist

Lucia recognizes the intricate interconnections between emotional, mental, and physical well-being and highly values the use of a holistic approach. She received both her Honours Bachelor of Science Degree and Master of Science in Physical Therapy Degree from University of Toronto. In addition to this, Lucia is also a certified Yoga teacher, expanding her passion for holistic well-being. Since becoming a Registered Physiotherapist, Lucia has had a variety of clinical experiences across the continuum of care, including pre and post-operative management of various orthopaedic procedures and conditions, concussion management, arthritis management and return-to-work training.

Maryam Davari


Maryam completed her Master of Physiotherapy at Western University and her Bachelor of Science at McMaster University. Maryam has a background in various fields of physiotherapy, including orthopedics, pediatrics, and stroke rehabilitation. She believes in patient-centered care and strives to help all of her patients achieve their goals, whatever they may be! Maryam approaches all of her assessments and treatments with a holistic lens and includes a combination of education, manual therapy and exercise in all of her treatments. She is certified in concussion management and has taken a number of post-graduate courses to further her knowledge in all aspects of physiotherapy, including vestibular rehab and pelvic floor. Maryam is hoping to continue her education to provide the best care for her patients with courses such as NKT, neurofunctional acupuncture and soft tissue techniques.

In her spare time, Maryam enjoys traveling, working out, and discovering new foodie spots in the GTA - any and all recommendations are welcome!

Mathew Hughes

Registered Physiotherapist

Since earning his Masters of Science in Physiotherapy in 2013, Mathew has been specializing in acute injuries, complex injury histories, recurring injuries, performance enhancement, and concussion management.

He is one of few physiotherapists in Canada integrating advanced practices including P-DTR, Level 3 Neurokinetic Therapy, Anatomy in Motion, Cranial Therapy, and Neurofunctional Acupuncture.

He works hard to find and treat the cause of your pain or problem - in order to achieve results that last, while many other therapists repeatedly treat the symptoms which results in temporary improvement and returning symptoms.

What he values the most with his work is discovering the potential of the human body and mind, and helping his clients realize that potential. During his off-time, he enjoys nothing more than living a healthy lifestyle, learning, and connecting with family and friends.

Megan Hughes


Megan is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), as well as a Registered Social Worker with the OCSWSSW. She has a Masters of Education Degree in Developmental Psychology from the University of Toronto (OISE), as well as a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Windsor.

Megan has experience providing psychotherapy to individuals with a wide range of challenges, including anxiety, depression, interpersonal conflict, post-traumatic stress, phobias, and difficulties with adjustment. She uses a variety of evidence-based therapy approaches, including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) skills, trauma-informed care, mindfulness-based treatment, and solution-focused therapy.

Megan uses a client-centred approach to therapy, through a compassionate, non-judgmental, culturally informed and individualized lens. She empowers individuals to work through life’s challenges and develop emotional well-being by enhancing positive mental health, supporting individual strengths and promoting personal resiliency.

Melanie Hughes

Puneet Mehta

Registered Physiotherapist

Puneet Mehta is a Physiotherapist who has been practicing since 2011. Due to his interest in working with the Fitness industry, Puneet also achieved an Advanced Diploma in Physical Fitness Management. Puneet’ s strength is that he is never tired of learning about the human body and mechanics. In fact, Puneet moved from India to further his knowledge of the human body, and to provide the highest level of excellence in care to his patients. Puneet has continued to further his knowledge by completing courses like P-DTR, Concussion Management, Neurokinetic Therapy, Acupuncture and Dry needling, Cupping therapy, McKenzie, Graston Technique, and Kinesiology Taping. He has helped the Indian Volleyball team as an onsite Physiotherapist during the IVL tour in 2010 and has previously worked in a multi-specialty hospital setting that allowed him to treat numerous post-surgical patients. He loves as a Physiotherapist, the pivotal role in helping people of all ages live a healthy lifestyle by not only preventing injuries but also relieving pain and movement ailments. In clinical practice, his treatment philosophy includes using manual muscle testing to identify the dysfunctions in the nervous system and using manual therapy to restore joint mechanics. This is followed by muscle retraining and motor control strategies to correct movement dysfunction. Puneet provides individualized, one-on-one treatment and develops exercise programs geared towards the level and goals of the patient. Experience a better body, by booking with Puneet today.

Tyler Baron


Dr. Baron is known for his keen interest in working WITH his patients to feel better and improve their conditions, and empowering patients to manage their pain. Creating a collaborative and successful relationship with his patients, to ensure their goals are being met and needs are being heard.

Dr. Baron stands out amongst other Chiropractors due to his understanding, treatment, and appreciation for the body from functional view. He aims to treat the body as a whole, rather than isolated unrelated segments in order to achieve changes in real time, that last.

Dr. Tyler Baron is an emerging Evidence Based Chiropractor. Graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, CA in 2019, he has been devoted to delivering individualized Chiropractic care to patients and learning empirically innovative new techniques along the way. Possessing a background in Kinesiology and adapting biomechanical movement models such as Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), and Athletic Movement Assessment (AMA). In Dr. Baron’s eyes, assessing the quality of how someone moves is a fundamental way to treat muscular-skeletal conditions, rather than treating pain itself. Additional involvement in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture and Active Release Therapy (ART) have provided him with various hands-on-techniques over the years.