What Is Functional Medicine

Functional medicine’s purpose is to implement a personalized method to medicine that revolves around a root cause treatment plan in contrast to managing symptoms. Rather than addressing the surface level ailments, it seeks to target the question “why are you ill?”

Functional medicine practitioners will inquire about your daily life to take note of possible contributing factors to your illness such as; sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress, and environment.. By taking these factors into consideration our functional medicine practitioner, Melanie Hughes, will help you take charge of your health using a holistic approach that includes nutrition and lifestyle modifications, as well as supplements when appropriate.

Common Conditions We Address With Functional Medicine


● Heartburn/GERD

● Skin issues (psoriasis, eczema, acne)

● Pre-Diabetes/Diabetes

● Obesity

● Thyroid dysfunction 

● Cardiovascular disease

● Sleep issues

● Disease prevention

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