Decrease Pain And Improve Motion
Physiotherapy services in Missisauga

Our expert physiotherapy services are integrated with advanced approaches such as P-DTR, AiM and Neurofunctional Acupuncture, that address the root issues of the problem, by assessing and treating the minutia of each person's nervous system.

We continue to pursue a greater understanding of the body’s response to its environment and perceptual influences, and in particular, how influencing various inputs can improve injury recovery and performance. Many times, this means delving into old, under-treated injuries, compensatory patterns, and other underlying contributors to decreased function. After identifying the root causes of the issue, we use an approach that combines both support (passive treatment) and challenge (functional movement). 

Above all, we are driven by the belief that it is essential to educate each patient on their own body; we help by empowering them to take control of their health.

Our Unique Approach

We blend advanced approaches and understanding with traditional knowledge.

All sessions are 1:1 with the therapist and the patient. Your time is valuable to us!

Our clinic does not use modalities. We spend the entire treatment providing individualized assessment and treatments, and functional home exercise routines for continued progress. 

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